Don’t leave your Mac or mobile unprotected

A few years ago, Mac users used to have a smug and superior attitude to viruses on the internet. They didn’t need internet security software because viruses didn’t affect Macs.  Only the masses who had Windows computers were prone to attack.
Well, times have changed, and now Mac users are just as vulnerable to attack from viruses as everybody else. This is because there are so many people using Mac and other Apple products today, so it’s become worth hackers’ time to create Mac-specific viruses. A few years ago there just weren’t enough Apple products being used to warrant it – hackers concentrated on the most prolific operating systems – ie Windows.
Fortunately the antivirus software providers have kept track with the hackers and provide free antivirus software for Mac and PC use. They also, more importantly, provide pay-for subscriptions to cover every device that connects to the internet, including tablets and smartphones.
Some people forget to put internet security on their smartphone, but it’s just as vulnerable as everything else. Some viruses on phones can be really destructive too. They can get hold of your contact list and send mass spam texts, and worse they can programme your phone to automatically dial a premium rate number repeatedly, and you might not realise this until you get a massive bill at the end of the month. Just two reasons why you should put antivirus software on your smartphone!
All the major suppliers of internet security cover mobile protection; for example, Kaspersky antivirus software has a range of mobile programmes for different phones. There’s no chance of picking the wrong one by mistake as you can select by the operating system on your phone (Android, Blackberry, Symbian or Windows mobile) or your phone model.
It’s down to personal choice which brand of antivirus software you choose, but it has become an essential item in today’s business world.