5G Phone

Every day there is a constant strife to improve the communication systems and channels between people all over the world. We want to stay connected more often and in the most effortless and seamless manner as possible. The days when mobile phone technology used to be a distant dream have moved on today to bring on to us a fourth generation of phones which are faster, more agile and prompter as well as good looking. The dream keeps getting bigger and better at this point and the expectations of people on a soaring high from the next generation of phones. 5G Phones at this point of time when 4G phones have just broken into the market does not any longer look like a distant reality. It won’t be quite a while before a 5G phone will be launched. Predictions are that 5G Phones might break into the market just in time for Olympics 2020.
Everyone is expecting some wonders from 5G Phone using 5G technology or at the least some break-through technology that would awe the user experience world. The much awaited idea of living your life on the go as comfortably as sitting on your desktop at home can be made true with 5G Phones. At the moment where touch and pay or tap and pay is fast gaining popularity, imagine what the future would be like for bill payments and transactions using 5G technology on your phones. You would have the power to access your entire computing world, professional as well as personal in your hands in the form of just a cell-phone. Gone would be the days for carrying data around with hard drives and you could access your entire computing board room at your just finger-tips. Nanotechnology combined with technical advancements would bring together a whole new world for the gadget geeks in the future for these 5G Phones.
For every tech savvy person who changes their gadgets based on technological revolutions, 5G Phone are definitely worth waiting for. The phones are becoming an absolute essential and their use becoming totally multi-faceted. They no longer remain a humble talking device but have completely transformed into virtual assistants in our daily lives. While the major leaders in this technology are way ahead of any other phone companies in terms of providing a whole user experience, the eyes all await upon them to bring to us the next savvy 5G Phones.



5g phone
The smart phones just keep getting smarter and by the time you really get used to the current 4G phone, for many of them the technology would have changed to a 5G Phone. One good thing about this is that it helps people to become more agile and virtual with organizing their work or personal files. With a 5G Phone they should be able to manage things even better. With better camera features most of the phones come coupled with a camera at the front and one at the back in the same space and thus allowing the user a complete satisfaction while using face time calling and communicating with their near and dear ones.

The strife for the best title would still be on in the era of a 5G Phone between the major competitors – iPhone & Android. One who uses an Apple Product does not want to move over to a Windows product once the technology takes on the next gear. Unfortunately it does not work the same way for a Windows user. Apple beats the record for launching the latest in technology and innovation coupled with the best GUI services throughout and providing a complete user experience. The expectation is sky high from a 5G Phone by Apple.

GPS Navigation, Location services, an 8 Mpx Camera and a front facing 1.3 MPX camera, 4.3 inch super sensitive multi-touch activated screen display, HD camcorder and of course HTML web browser and email are the key features that a 4G Phone today boasts of proudly.  A 5G Phone is definite to have these features inbuilt along with some added super features. Software application providers are working day in and day out to come up with a fresh new innovation to bring about more flexibility and functioning speeds for thrilling the next generation. A cutting edge software technology coupled with some fantastic hardware that goes much smaller is a general expectation now. With advancements in nanotechnology it is a world that can be expected from the next generation 5G Phones – better and more ergonomic shape or unimaginable speeds, traceable if lost, seamless integration of all files, Office systems built completely on the mobile, 3D projections, well actually you name it and let’s think of it for the next 5G Phone. Also with more and more developing economies entering the arena of mobile businesses providing better technology at cheaper rates to stay connected to all over the world, there is a lot of scope to blend in that next generation of 5Gphone.